A Line Dance Drama 排舞劇

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This is our new experiment to put together two line dances to form a line dance drama. Both dances are choreographed by Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk

Part I Our story started one day morning when he found her by his door...

Boy: Here you are back again
As beautiful as you have ever did
I try not to look cause I know it takes me apart
Just when I was over you
And everything that you put me through
Seems you never get tired of breaking my heart
Why don’t you give me up and let me go
You know I’m weak and I can’t tell you no
Why do you want to hurt me all over again

However, he finally managed to say "No" to her,

Part II Being turned down by him, she went with a broken heart to a local country bar to get drunk...

Girl: I'm gonna drink myself out of love with you


Part of the video is originated from MannaKu line dance group .

Outfit in Part I is designed for daytime while in Part II, everyone made a small change in the costume to fit for night time getting drunk in a country bar.

這支影片是我們作的一個新嘗試,把兩支排舞連在一起形成一齣排舞劇。兩支排舞都是 Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk 編的。


Part I 某一天早晨,他發現她又出現在他的門口



Part II 她非常驚訝,本來有十足的把握,知道他一定會接納她再回來的,被拒絕之後,帶著一顆破碎的心,去到一家鄉村酒吧喝酒買醉



這支排舞劇的Part I 中服飾設計為白天的裝扮,而在Part II 中,每位舞者都把白天的裝束做了小小的變換,以符合夜晚在酒吧裡買醉的情境。

本影片部分排舞素材引用自 MannaKu line dance group