The Way of Life (必勝奉順英 O.S.T)

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The Way of Life (必勝奉順英 O.S.T)

Do you remember that
when we were so young ones
the world was round and round
I had a dream yes I had a reason
to climb and touch the goal
Mama said to me that
tomorrow would be a day come to another day
So we try to find a way to love someone

When you have trouble then
I will be with you love
I will be your part
Never give up never go far away
come to and hold my hands
sometimes I smile again
I cry out all day long that is the way we are
You don’t have to be afraid just love yourself

* I know the life is too short
I have not enough time
I will find a love you want
Let me hold you oh let me feel your heart beat
All of things come to the end
only love can dream on
only love can make you smile
Promise your love and feel your heart always

Don’t be afraid your life
Never give up your dream
Day goes on and on
So we try to find a way to love someone
Everlasting love will be forever more