My original song:Scende La Notte (夜幕降臨)【l'inglese+Italiano,英語+義大

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This original songs, belongs to my original songs, (Fairchild Radio, Canada) and myself owns video media copyright.
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My original song:Scende La Notte (夜幕降臨)【l'inglese+Italiano,英語+義大利文】

Vocals:myself:Nickole Wu (Ooze Yuet)

Authors:myself:Nickole Wu (Ooze Yuet)
Lyrics:myself:Nickole Wu (Ooze Yuet)
Composer:myself:Nickole Wu (Ooze Yuet)
Arranger:myself:Nickole Wu (Ooze Yuet)
Mix Production:myself:Fairchild Radio

English:【Chant psalms, 吟唱 詩篇】
Your inquiry made me shivering.
I’d never known that it feels so chilling and anxious
when I was watching by you like I'm wearing my birthday suit,
for nowhere I could hide my answers and feelings.
It feels like you were looking into my vitreous heart.
With only one touch on the fingertips, it broke into pieces.
But why I just cannot resist your cruel invasion?
And why I just cannot face you with this true love,
but hiding it down in my core.
Yes, I am weak and tremulous.
So ashamed of my body and voice,
so I dedicated all I own to back you, this heart, this soul.
I adore you as a king without knowing whether I possess the glory of a queen.
For now I could only watch you from a distance, hoping you would move me to a glimpse.
Italiano,義大利文:【Opera version歌劇版】
Scende la notte, tranquillita
Piano il buio respira
Solo la luna vegliera
Con argento ci coprira
Dal grande cielo splendera
Solo la luna vegliera

La luna della notte
Dolcemente ci proteggera
La luna della notte
Dolcemente ci proteggera