My original song:Soul Mate Love

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My original song:Soul Mate Love

Vocals:myself:Nickole Wu (Ooze Yuet)

Authors:myself:Nickole Wu (Ooze Yuet)
Lyrics:myself:Nickole Wu (Ooze Yuet)
Composer:myself:Nickole Wu (Ooze Yuet)
Arranger:myself:Nickole Wu (Ooze Yuet)
Mix Production:myself:Fairchild Radio

Boy, I cant forget the feeling that when we stay together
You took away my whole heart and makes it beating fast
I stop crying and image that you're here right beside me(oh yeah~)
But I can't stop thinking of you

When I watch movies with no one around
When I wander through streets by myself
We're in love but I'm always alone
We're in love but I'm always alone
When you 're sad, I cannot feel your pain
When you smile, I cannot see your face
When you call my name on the phone
When you call my name on the phone

One, two, three, four, five,Time went by slowly.
Five, four, three, two, one, I can see our future

Boy,I remember the feeling when you touch me
I have found a soul mate in my life
Even though we fight all the time
I wish that I was looking into your eyes
Oh I think you should know

I knew it from the start,this love would be hard
Our love needs faith to get on
I still believe that I met a right man
Don't ask what to do,don't ask about the future
I'm not the only stupit girl who is falling in love

When I'm alone but don't feel lonely
When I smile and I think of you
nothing can erase my love for you
nothing can change my love for you
When you get drunk in another town
When you get down by something wrong
you know I'm the only one for you
you know I'm the only one for you